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Reliable & Refinded Design

Reciprocating Carton Former

The reciprocating tray-forming machine is an extremely reliable machine that has been refined over the past 40 years.

Carton Forming Machinery

First-Class Quality & Productivity

All carton-forming machinery and tooling designs are performed in-house by our trained and expert engineers. We maximize the machine capacity with tooling designs for multiple lanes of cartons as well as a variety of box sizes. Our carton formers are built for years of high-speed, 24/7 production.

Reciprocating Carton Former
Small & Versatile

Reciprocating Carton Former Features:

  • Manual Jog Feature For Tooling Set-Up
  • Air Blast For Proper Blank Feeding
  • Carton Jam Detection
  • Stack Light Indicators
  • Adjustable Vacuum Release Valves
  • Programmable Independent Stack Counters
  • HMI Interface Controls
  • High Speeds & Quick Tooling Changeover


Card/Grease Pad Inserter
Precision Insertion Mechanism

Card/Grease PAD Inserter

Fully automatic machine timed to insert a grease pad on one side of the box. The inserter can work on either side of the carton former and can be sold integrated or purchased as a standalone machine. The card can be cut to the desired length and is fully adjustable for various sizes.

Packing Chutes & Tables
Streamlined Dispensing and Drying

Packing Chutes & Tables

They are used for the dispensing of completed boxes. The chute holds the nest of boxes and allows for the glue to dry before advancing to the packing table. Chutes can be designed for any carton and are 100% stainless steel construction.

Feeder Platform
Ergonomic Blanks Feeding

Feeder Platform

The painted carbon steel platform placed at the rear of the former allows for the ergonomic feeding of blanks.

On Board Vacuum Pumps
Integrated Suction Power

On Board Vacuum Pumps

The machine can be equipped with onboard vacuum pumps placed either under or over the model.


Carton Forming Changing Types
Need More Speed?

Get The High-Speed Straight Line

We offer a variety of tooling that is specifically designed for high-speed carton and tray-forming machinery. This includes gluing and quick changeovers, chamber bars, foot pedal controls, and much more.

High-Speed Straight Line
Reciprocating Carton Former

Let’s Transform Your Vision Into Reality!

Every idea deserves to be brought to life with precision and passion. At Hillside, we’re not just about machines; we’re about making dreams tangible. Share your concept with us, and together, we’ll craft something extraordinary. Ready to embark on a creative journey? Reach out and let’s start the conversation.

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