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Hillside Custom offers Laser Cutting on our brand-new Mazak OptiPlex Fiber III 4.0 kW. This 2D laser-cutting system has a 4.0kW laser and the ability to cut through 1” steel and 5/8” stainless steel and aluminum; it features a 5’ x 10’ worktable to work on the largest of your projects! Laser Cutting offers several benefits for your metal cutting application. Many of the benefits of laser cutting include large versatility with project materials, few tooling requirements, quick turnaround, high precision, and minimal damage to materials.

Large Versatility

No job is too complicated for the laser cutter. A very narrow section of material is easily navigated by the high-powered laser and is very rarely warped or distorted. Projects are not just limited to sheet metal with a laser cutter. Lasers have the ability to cut stainless steel, aluminum, copper, and brass.

Few Tooling Requirements

Laser cutting doesn’t require a custom mold or specialty tool which makes it the most affordable for short run applications. Since the laser does not have a physical cutting surface, this also allows for shorter downtimes with replacing worn out blades or parts.

Quick Turnaround and Shorter Lead Times

Reduced Tooling and Clean Cuts allow for quicker turnaround times on most applications. Lasers provide a clean result with minimal warping/heat distortion which allows minimum secondary processing to save money.

High Precision and Consistency

When it comes to laser cutters, the precision cuts they produce is virtually unequaled by any other cutting machine. Most tolerances are between .003- and .006-mm. Machine Programmers have the machine perform complex cuts into elaborate geometric patterns with the highest degree of accuracy. The cutter offers clean edges and smooth finish. When creating multiple cuts of the same product, programmers are sure they will all be identically produced.

Minimal Damage

The laser melts or burns anything in its path to eliminate excess debris that would leave a rough cut. Since it is a non-contact process, there are no blades involved. Since the affected heat area is so small, this makes lasers most ideal for extremely thin materials.

Give us a call or submit a request for quote today for your laser cutting projects and allow us to help you go from prototype to production!

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